Frapol SELECT - Silencer selection

We developed an application supporting the work of ventilation designers

Frapol SELECT program, in addition to the selection of air handling units, also enables advanced selection of acoustic silencers for ventilation systems. Apart from determining the obligatory parameters - flow and width of the silencer, the designer may also set the remaining dimensions, type and number of baffles, damping values and detailed execution options.
Program generates detailed data of all possible versions of silencers that meet the given parameters. Among them, you can choose the most suitable one and generate a selection card for the selected silencer.

Program modules

These are a few simple steps which lead to the selection of the right acoustic silencer for you. Selection of initial parameters, working under time pressure and economic requirements have been greatly facilitated by our selection software.

Determination of required silencer parameters

Mandatory parameters are flow rate and width of the silencer. In addition, the designer can also input other required construction, flow or acoustic data.

Selected silencers

List of all silencer configurations that meet the given parameters. Technical data are presented in a clear, tabular and graphical form. Among the selected silencers, after comparing parameter values, designer chooses the most suitable one.

Silencer selection card

After choosing the silencer, designer can generate a pdf card containing it’s complete construction, flow and acoustic data.

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