Frapol Select
Air handling unit selection program

We have designed software which may be used to select
the best air handling unit based on specific parameters.

Frapol Select is the application for air handling unit selection. The program can be used to design a whole intake-exhaust ventilation system with heat recovery. Our software allows for comparing product properties and choose the best solution.
Program takes into consideration various factors, like: temperature, humidity and climate zone. At the last stage of the selection, you are able to generate a PDF file which presents specific results in an easily understandable way.

Program modules

Our air handling unit selection program makes it easy for users to quickly choose the product that suits their needs and budget. Detailed information on the capabilities of our software can be found below.

Device category selection

The user can choose from a wide range of air handling units grouped into three distinct categories. This stage displays a short description of the three groups and given general information about the program.

Selection by parameters

The air handling unit is designed considering all weather and climate factors, e.g. temperature and humidity inside and outside, climate zone and season.

Selected unit

The configuration of the air handling unit is based on a simple selection of the required central unit and all the additional parts such as heaters, coolers, filters, silencers and throttles.

Technical data

At this stage, the program displays all technical specifications of the chosen air handling unit. It also gives information on climate and acoustics.


The application also shows details of the chosen parts and accessories. Every supply or extract component is described and fully presented.

PDF card generator

After an air handling unit has been chosen, the user is able to generate a PDF file containing all the information about the unit. This may include information about the designer.

Dynamically generated PDF files

Product card - overview

The first page of the PDF product card displays the main data: dimensions of entire unit, input information and specifications such as flow, power, pressure, efficiency and sound.

Product card - components

The next page displays information on individual components. This includes data on pressure drops, air velocity and efficiency.

Project card - parts and sections

The last page of the PDF contains information regarding assembly and installation, as well as a table listing the dimensions and weight of particular components.

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