Instal Compact - Pump selection program

Our software helps designers to choose the best
hydrophore set based on specific parameters.

Instal Compact Select is the application of booster pumps selection. The program easily selects the appropriate pumps to construct a whole hydrophore set, which is able to work in appropriate operating conditions.
At the last stage, we get a configured offer with the obtained operating parameters, information on the method of installation, input - output data and drawings. Everything is summed up in a generated report which greatly facilitates work.

Program modules

Our pump selection program makes it easy for users to quickly choose the pumps that suit their needs and budget. Detailed information on the capabilities of our software can be found below.

Hydrophore installation input parameters

Here, the user defines the purpose of the installation, the type of pumped medium, and the control method. The program defines basic technical parameters like efficiency, lift height and required pressure.

Sets that meet your criteria

The technical specifications of hydrophore sets that meet the selected criteria are displayed here. Diagrams of flow characteristics from the sets are also shown.

Selection results

The full technical specifications of the hydrophore set are displayed here. There is also the possibility to generate a product card or inquiry and send it to the manufacturer

Product catalogue - pump

Tabular presentation of the technical parameters of hydrophore pumps. The user is able to filter devices by use, type of medium, efficiency, lift height and pressure.

Product catalogue - hydrophore sets

Tabular presentation of the technical parameters of complete hydrophore sets. The user is able to filter devices according to use, type of medium, efficiency, lift height and pressure.

Product comparison

Comparison of the technical data of hydrophore sets (previously selected from the product catalog). The presentation of kit flow characteristics in a single graph is also very helpful.

Dynamically generated PDF files

Product card - technical specifications

This product card displays full specifications of the selected hydrophore set.

Product card - kit construction

This card provides an assembly drawing (technical, structural) of the selected hydrophore set. It lists all parts of the set.

Latest projects

Take a look at our most recent selection programs, designed to meet the individual needs of each company.
Our selection programs are a synthetic combination of technical expertise with a company’s product range.