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We developed an application supporting the work of ventilation designers

The fan selection program includes operating information and technical data on all possible products. It also contains a project management program and the opportunity to compare Venture Industries Group devices.
Our program allows the user to compare products and choose the best solution. After making a final selection, the user can generate a PDF file that gives full, clear details on the chosen fan.

Program modules

Our fan selection program makes it easy for users to quickly choose the product that suits their needs and budget. Detailed information on the capabilities of our software can be found below.

Product category selection

The user can choose from a wide range of fans grouped in several categories - from typical home-used ones to large industrial ventilators with a fume extraction system or ones that are explosion proof.

Product list for specific category

This shows all the fans in the selected category, and provides name and an image for each fan.

Product list for specific category

This shows all the fans in the selected category, and provides an image and a short description for each fan.

Product list for specific category

This shows all the fans in the selected category. At this stage, the software displays the most important information about each fan: performance, pressure and power.

Technical data

The next module presents a table with all the vital technical specifications and performance characteristics of the chosen fan models.


Some of the fans can be regulated by voltage, frequency or speed. The program displays this with a simple slider.

Selection by parameters

Here, the user is able to choose a fan based on specific criteria, e.g. flow and pressure for the operating point or construction and electrical information.

Selected fan data

The program compares the data of all the fans that meet the predefined criteria. This data is presented as a diagram and a table of performance characteristics.

Operating point selection

At this stage, the user can set an operating point by defining flow and static pressure. The program will show all the other data for the specific fan, including acoustic performance.

Fan selection card

On the first page of the generated selection card are fan parameters in the operating point, along with flow characteristics, power and efficiency curves.

Fan selection card

On the second side of the selection card there are nominal fan performance parameters, data concerning ErP directive and dimensions.

Fan selection card

On the last page of the card there is a fan electrical wiring diagram, as well as mounting and electrical accessories selected for the fan.

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Latest projects

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Our selection programs are a synthetic combination of technical expertise with a company’s product range.