Select AIR - Fan selection program

We've designed software which enables the user to choose
the best suited fan based on desired parameters.

Select AIR is an application for fan selection. Program easily chooses an appropriate device for the operating conditions. In a transparent way, we get a summary of ventilators that meet the requirements with a specification of all parameters.
Our software allows for comparing product properties and choosing the best solution. At the last stage of the selection process, you can generate a PDF file which presents results in an easily understandable way.

Program modules

Selection of input parameters, working under time pressure and economic requirements have been greatly facilitated by the selection program for fans. We are showing our software’s capabilities in a few simple steps.

Product category selection

The user can choose from a wide range of fans grouped in several categories - from typical home-used ones to a large industrial ventilators with a smoke extraction system or ones that are explosion proof.

Product list for specific category

This shows all the fans in the selected category, and provides an image and a short description for each fan. Information on whether the fan has a CE certificate or meets ErP directive requirements is also displayed here.

Technical data

The next module presents a table of all the vital technical specifications and performance characteristics of the chosen fan models.

Operating point selection

At this stage, the user can set an operating point by defining flow and static pressure. The program will show all the other data for the specific fan, including acoustic performance.


The program displays the most important characteristics at the preset operating point, including pressure, power, speed, current and efficiency.


Here, technical specifications, dimensions and a wiring diagram are displayed. A list of compatible accessories for the fan is also provided.

Selection by parameters

Here, the user is able to choose a fan based on specific criteria, e.g. flow and pressure for the operating point or criteria assigned to the ventilators category, like: the type of connection, power and speed control type.

Selected fan data

The program compares the data of all the fans that meet the predefined criteria. This data is presented as a diagram and a table of performance characteristics.

Result of selection

At the next stage, the program shows us all the vital information about the chosen fan model in its predefined operating point.

PDF card generator

After choosing a fan, the user is able to generate a PDF file containing all the information about the selected fan. This may include information about the designer.

Making a project

Designers are able to create whole projects with many different fans and compatible accessories. Projects can be saved and backed up for future development.

Creating an account

Access to advanced features of the selection program is granted after registration. Each account is protected by a password.

Product card - operating point

After choosing the fan and defining the initial operating point, the user can generate a product card as a PDF file. This card displays data and diagrams of the chosen fan.

Product card - technical specification

The product card also includes specific technical data, a dimension diagram, a wiring diagram and a list of all compatible accessories.

Project card – overview

Designers are able to generate a PDF sheet with essential information about a project and all the fans and accessories assigned to it.

Content Management System

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. It is often used to support multiple users working in a collaborative environment.

Data administration system

Every fan model implemented into the system is fully editable. Our CMS enables users to make changes and updates to any data at any time. Special filters and search engines help to manage the vast database.

Fan technical data

All technical data is divided into three distinct categories. Users can update data manually by simply entering new values and clicking the 'Save data' button, or they can import it automatically.

Performance characteristics

Every characteristic can be drawn from an earlier uploaded bitmap. Diagrams contain all the vital information for fan performance curves: pressure, power, speed, current and efficiency

Changing performance curves

Characteristics diagrams are also fully editable. They can be dragged by a mouse cursor in some specific points in order to achieve a satisfactory shape.

Speeds and degrees of regulation

Performance curves are separated into different speeds and degrees of regulation. Fans can be regulated by voltage, frequency or speed.

Sound measurement

All the ventilators also have acoustic data. The sound level is measured on inlet, outlet and casing of the fan.

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