HF Inverter - Drive selection program

Our software has been created to help designers to choose
the best drive based on initial parameters.

HF Inverter Select is a program for selecting mechanical gears. It lets the user easily choose the best device for the operating conditions from a detailed summary of all suitable gears.
After making a final selection, the user receives a report that lists the operating parameters, details the installation method, and displays input - output data and drawings.

Program modules

These are a few simple steps which lead to the selection of the right drive for you. Selection of initial parameters, working under time pressure and economic requirements have been greatly facilitated by our selection software.

Parameter selection

Here, the user can select the elements of the gear and set the input specifications as well as the intended output performance of the gear.

Gears that meet your criteria

The technical specifications of gears that meet the selected criteria are displayed here. From these, the user can choose a gear that fits the dimensions of the gearbox.

Configuration of selected gear

Here, the user can determine the requirements for the gear output (output shaft, sleeve or collar) and the mounting position of the gear. This stage of the application also generates a code for the fully configured product.

Presentation of selected drive

This stage displays the technical specifications, full structural configuration and dimensional drawings of the selected gear. The drawings can be downloaded in CAD format, and a PDF report giving the specifications of the gear can also be generated.

Dynamically generated PDF files

Report - technical specifications

This report gives the full specifications and configuration of the selected gear and shows selected structural elements of the gear.

Report - technical drawing

Detailed dimensions of the selected gear and external (input and output) components, such as shafts and sleeves, are provided here.

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