We design selection software.
Programs that help designers and installers to choose the most appropriate equipment, machinery, parts or materials for their needs. We specialize in creating custom-made selection programs for a wide range of technical and engineering industries.
We design specifically for You.
One of the main tasks of the program is to promote and present capabilities of your products in order to maintain satisfaction of existing and attract new customers, through the ease of use, optimal selection of equipment and getting a transparent offer.

Our scope of work:


Web fan selection software, performance fit calculations, chart generator, regulations, sound calculations, dimmensions, product and project card generator

Air handling units

Web selection software, unit sections configurator, component selection, calculating of heat exchanger, fans, heater, electric preheater, cooler, silencers and filters, product and sections card generator.

Heaters / Coolers

Calculating the data for the climate, air flow, temperature and humidity, type, medium, fluid, size, power and air pressure drop, program selection, product card generator.


Selection of the heat exchanger according to the process flow, the quantity of heat exchangers, thermal power, the flow resistance, input temperature or transfer coefficients.

Heater pump

Pump selection program in terms of heat output, power consumption, cooling capacity, heat source, pump efficiency ratio and facility heat demand.

Water technologies

Selection of appropriate booster pumps for whole hydrophore set, depending on the efficiency, lift height, the required pressure and power consumption.

Drives / Engines

Selection of the appropriate type of drive, depending on the constructors assumptions, drive mechanism, power supply, coefficient of friction, environment conditions, work conditions and load factors.


We are able to prepare a selection program on every field of technology which operating parameters can be reduced to mathematical equations. Using algorithms, we can adjust it to your individual needs.

Our experienced engineers and programmers are able to make and implement every design and selection application.

Trust the experience, choose a proven solution dedicated to the needs of your business. With the selection program of your products, You facilitate the work of designers and customers, saving their time and eliminating the risk of mistake in choosing the appropriate device. These factors contribute to the growth of popularity and sales of your products. We can make for you: selection software, computing applications, project support programs, analysis programs, calculators, converters.

Our software is focused on being:

Intuitive, user-friendly

Designers quickly understand the program.


Multi-stage selection process and program code optimization provides its fast and efficient operation.


Our selection programs simplify the work of the designer, because the selection process is easy and programs prepare cost estimates, offers, and project documentation.


Our programs are characterized by a modern form, aesthetic and toned graphics design.

Check it. You can only gain.

We will create a custom-made solution for your needs.
We are able to prepare a selection program exactly to the needs of your business.
You pay for the ready-made solution, not promises.