Human resources
Our team is composed of graduates of higher education institutes with mechanical and IT faculties. We use acquired knowledge, supported by multiple years of experience in developing internet and calculation applications, to create advanced technical solutions for companies.
Solution to your problem
The idea is to transform difficult multi-layered technical issues, into an approachable and clear form of ready solutions, generated as a report. Our experienced engineers and programmers are able to make and implement every design and selection application.

2M System company constitutes a team of well-knit people specialized in creating individually prepared software used for selection in broad range of technical branches.

2M System company, since 2001, creates advanced technical solutions for industry and production companies. We put effort to transform technical knowledge, supported by innovative technical solutions and fresh ideas, into most modern and elegant graphic software form in a way that using it would facilitate Your Work, and also would be a source of pleasant esthetic experiences. Our dream is to make each of our products, designed specifically for Your needs, a milestone in development of Your company and also to translate into enjoyment of Customers and users.

Why choose us?

  • we offer experience, commitment and personal approach
  • users appreciate and willingly use our products
  • we have sixteen years of experience in difficult and interesting challenges
  • we believe in mutual trust, so we never ask for payment in advance
  • we successfully introduce ideas that others do not dare to think about
  • we create a product especially for you - from concept to completion
  • ergonomics and ease of use is our goal
  • our programs present difficult issues in an accessible way
We design selection software that helps designers and installers to choose the most appropriate equipment, parts or materials for their needs. We specialize in creating custom-made selection programs for a wide range of technical and engineering industries.

The best guarantee of the quality of our products and services is the satisfaction and the contentment of our customers.

Select a proven solution dedicated to the needs of your business.

Trust the experience.
Having a selection program of your products, You facilitate the work of designers and customers, saving their time and eliminating the risk of mistake in choosing the appropriate device. These factors contribute to the popularity and sales of your products.